4 wheel alignment


Poor road holding, excessive fuel consumption and premature tyre wear are just some of the symptoms caused by mis-alignment.  Our state of the art Hunter Hawk Eye 4 wheel aligner has manufacturer approvals including BMW, Mercedes and VW/Audi.



With the condition of our roads constantly changing, pot holes and speed bumps are just some of the factors contributing to the increasing number of vehicles we see needing adjustment.

4 Wheel Alignment 18pt pre check v7-Final edition

Our technicians are highly trained and because of our experience in this area follow a stringent 17 point tyre, steering and suspension check prior to carrying any alignment adjustment.

Colour Alignment report










Once we have thoroughly carried out our checks we will provide you with a full colour print out of the current alignment of your vehicle before making any adjustments if necessary.



With adjustments starting from as little as £35.00 you could save £££ on unnecessary tyre wear.