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Summers coming - is your Air Con ready..?

 **Air conditioning servicing starting from as little as £55.00 including Vat**

**for friendly, no-nonsense automotive air conditioning advice call today 01384 561122 and speak to a dedicated member of our service team**  

Air Conditioning, once a luxury, is now fitted to over 80% of vehicles on todays roads. To service and maintain these systems,  specialist equipment is required. Even more important is the expert knowledge necessary to understand these complex systems.

Reassuringly HallCraft have both, ATA trained technicians and specialist equipment including UV leak detection and nitrogen which can be used to help identify even the smallest of leaks.

Immediate attention to your system is always recommended the moment that you notice that your air conditioning has stopped working, failure to do so often results in un-necessary high repair costs.

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Air conditioning very rarely fails without a genuine reason for doing so. HallCraft believe in diagnosing the root cause of your problem first time so that you can be advised on the correct repair necessary which will get you back up and running in no time.



To limit the chances of failure, routine servicing of your system is recommended.

Most manufacturers suggest every two years.

With this in mind HallCraft have tailored a service regime which covers all the areas necessary which will help keep your system working to it’s optimum performance.

This  includes:

AC system

a thorough check of the system

 disinfecting of the parts where bacteria lurk

Evap - cleaner

before the replacement of a quality pollen filter.

Pollen filters - Mann

So…… as all air conditioning repairers are not the same, for friendly, no nonsense, auto air conditioning advice you can trust,  call 01384 561122 option 1 and speak with of our dedicated and knowledgeable team members – today.

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