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Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

HallCraft Celebrate Ford Fiesta Finale

HallCraft provide fixed price Ford Fiesta servicing

It has been a national favourite for 46-years but it is time to bid the Ford Fiesta farewell.

Car giants Ford have confirmed that production of the iconic Ford Fiesta will end in April 2023 – along with the Galaxy and S-Max.

Ford have sold more than 4.8 million Fiestas in the UK since it was launched in 1977 – and played a crucial role in helping the US giants corner the British car market.

HallCraft have been servicing, repairing and maintaining thousands of Ford Fiestas for motorists in Cradley Heath, Stourbridge and Halesowen over the past 25-years.

Independent Ford Specialists

HallCraft are independent Ford specialists, providing motorists with the same first class Ford service but without the main dealer costs.

“The Fiesta has been a hugely popular car and we have worked on hundreds over the years,” explained HallCraft Managing Director James Hopcraft.

“Even though Ford will stop producing them as a new vehicle there are still plenty out there on the roads that will need to be maintained and looked after.

“HallCraft currently have 606 Fiesta’s on our system and our Fixed Price Ford Servicing allows our customers to maintain their Fiesta without the cost of Ford main dealers.

“They have certainly kept us busy over the years. For those old enough to remember the very early Fiesta’s suffered with speedo issues and we will never forget the noise of that overhead value engine prior to being service correctly.

Ford Fixed Price Service

“Later, well-maintained Ford Fiesta’s are pretty reliable other than the odd coil pack problems which cause a distinct misfire. In fact, we worked on one only yesterday with that very issue.

“It will be sad to see them eventually disappear but we will ensure that those belonging to our customers have plenty of life in them yet!”

Ford created the Fiesta in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis as a more fuel-efficient small car.

It was a huge success and Ford globally have since produced more than 20 million Fiesta and remained one its best sellers for years.

In the UK the smaller Ford Puma has displaced the Fiesta and it is understood the hybrid will take the lead as Ford’s most affordable vehicles.

Ford Fixed Price Servicing

HallCraft fixed price servicing provides Ford owners in Cradley Heath, Stourbridge and Halesowen with a cheaper alternative to main Ford dealer prices.

HallCraft maintain, repair and services all types of Ford cars and HallCraft’s Fixed Price Servicing means no last minute surprises. All vehicles are throughly cleaned following all work.

* Talk to the HallCraft team about your Fixed Price Ford Service or to arrange a repair or MOT today by clicking this link.

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