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Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Hallcraft Launch 57 Point Winter Vehicle Health Check To Keep Motorists Safe

HallCraft Vehicle Health Check

West Midlands motorists are being warned to get  their vehicles Winter ready with a HallCraft 57-Point Electronic Vehicle Health Check.

HallCraft introduced the 57-point eVHC to provide their customers with the ultimate peace of mind for staying safe on the road.

The 30-minute health check covers all aspects of customers vehicles and could be crucial as the Winter weather finally arrives after a mild October and November.

HallCraft carry out the 57-point eVHC on ALL cars in for service, MOT or repair as standard.

Now though, any motorists wanting a simple peace of mind check for their vehicle can book in for the Electronic Vehicle Health Check for just £15.


“It is so important that motorists don’t become complacent given the weather has been so mild and we’ve so far avoided lots of wet weather and freezing temperatures,” explained HallCraft Managing Director James Hopcraft.

“There are many basic checks customers can do at home, and we’ve included below some of the basic things that can be done, but our 57-point eVHC is a comprehensive safety check.

“It includes much more than the basic checks you can do yourself at home.”

HallCraft are a leading independent garage in Cradley Heath serving motorists in Halesowen, Cradley Heath and Stourbridge for the past 25-years.

They recommend motorists use Daylight Saving as a reminder to get their vehicle Winter Safe by conducting some basic checks at home.

“We know the mornings will be darker as the clocks go back and the days get shorter and shorter,” James, added.

“This is when we come more and more dependent on the warmth and safety of our vehicles and, of course, do not want to find ourselves broken down in the rain or snow.

HallCraft launch electric vehicle health check

“Making some basic checks to items like tyres, oil, water, screen wash, lights etc can all help but they can only go so far.

Tyre Check

“Tyres are crucial both in terms of tread – and ensuring they are running at the correct pressure, are your bulbs all working correctly and is your battery healthy?

“Really basic things like keeping your windscreen clean to avoid dazzle from the low sun and other motorists lights and of course, screen wash to keep the windscreen clean.

“Booking your vehicle into HallCraft means our specialist team of technicians check EVERYTHING and ensure your vehicle is safe for the Winter – and all for the cost of two or three coffees from the High Street.

“We have put together a basic Winter Checklist for motorists to follow at home, however, for real peace of mind would urge motorists to book their eVHC at HallCraft to be certain.”

* To book your 57-point EVHC for just £15 or to dicuss your car servicing, MOT or accident repair requirements talk to our team via this link

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HallCraft clean windows electric vehicle health check

HallCraft 57 Point EVHC

Things You Can Check At Home

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