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Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Motorists Warned: Don’t Skip Car Servicing Because Of Lack Of Lockdown Mileage


Motorists considering skipping their annual service because of the lack of use during lockdown should think again.

That’s the message from HallCraft, Cradley Heath’s leading independent accident repair, MOT and Service Centre.

HallCraft Manging Director James Hopcraft fears some motorist may mistakenly believe they can skip a service because of the lack of miles driven during lockdown.

But HallCraft warn that could invalidate manufacturers warranty for new cars or harm the health of older vehicles which may have suffered damage during lockdown.

Car Servicing

James Hopcraft, said: “The Covid lockdown means many motorists have not used their cars much over the past 18 months and so many are thinking they don’t need to service their car. They’d be wrong.

“If your car is still under manufacturers warranty, regardless of the miles you have driven – or indeed in this case not driven, your car will be due on time.

“Almost all manufacturers stipulate a time and distance for you service, usually every 12 months.

“If you miss a service manufacturers are well within their rights to void your warranty. 

“During the very first lockdown we saw manufacturers tolerate upto six months tolerance, however like the six month MOT extension this was temporary and you will now be expected to keep your servicing up to date.”

Covid Safe

HallCraft remained open throughout the pandemic, providing customers with a Covid safe collection and drop-off service, to keep key workers on the road.

Since the lifting of lockdown they have been inundated with customers needing help to get their vehicles roadworthy again after months of inaction.

However, some customers, may not be aware of issues that could have affected their vehicles whilst they remain parked up on driveways or on the road.

James, added: “There are the obvious such as battery failure, washer fluid congealing causing blockages, bulb failures and wiper blade rubbers going hard and not clearing the windscreen.

“There are also less obvious important safety related items such as brakes and tyres do not like not being used.

“Brakes corrode in several ways, the braking surface of the discs can become corroded making the brake noisy and less effective.


“Brake pads can also seize in the brake calipers and even the calipers them selves can seize causing your brakes to bind, all of these scenarios compromise your safety and if not rectified swiftly can cause additional costly damage.

“Tyres are another safety related component that have suffered premature wear during lockdown.

“Tyres rely upon being used to stay supple and maintain their condition, being parked in one position creates a flat spot on the tread causing the tyre to lose its shape.

“Another really noticeable problem is a condition called  ‘tyre rot’ , this is when the tyre rubber dries out and starts to crack.

“Once this happens moisture gets in and damages the tyres structure further.

“Sudden use of the tyre when in this condition means danger of the tyre falling totally causing a dangerous ‘blow out’. “

Free Safety Check

HallCraft are offering customers a free electronic VHC (Vehicle Health Check) which covers all of these item.

The electronic vehicle heath check gives you a safety focused check carried out by our technicians on tablets allowing us to illustrate to you in pictures any points of concern, direct to you mobile phone.

For cars in need of servicing, HallCraft offer a Fixed Price Service agreements to take the hassle out of motoring and ensure our customers have no nasty surprises.

Call now and speak with one of our knowledgeable and dedicated members of our service team.

HallCraft have been providing MOTs, servicing and accident repairs to cars and vans from their Cradley Heath base for more than 25-years.

* To discuss your car servicing, MOT or accident repair requirements talk to our team via this link

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